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CharLUG Calendar

CharLUG is in the process of establishing a new meeting schedule. Please check the mailing list or Twitter for updates! There are also currently two related Meetup groups CharLUG and for the Northern parts of town NoCharLUG.

And here is some detail of what usually happens:

We all are into Linux. We hang out. Chaos ensues...

Some meetings have an agenda, but if not then the agenda will be pot luck. Everyone brings a topic of interest. Share. Talk about something that you read this week. Explain something you figured out. Demo something you are playing with. Ask questions of those that have more experience. Talk about what you'd like to do. The floor is open. If you know of a Linux event in the near future, bring info.

Additional Meetings

In addition we will schedule further meetings. Please check this page for updates on meetings.

If you have an idea for a meeting please contact us on the mailing list or direct by email.

SouthEast LinuxFest

The SouthEast LinuxFest is currently hosted in Charlotte. The last event was June 14-16, 2019 at the Sheraton Charlotte Airport Hotel) and the final schedule can be found here. In the meantime checkout their website and also check in on our mailing list. We are looking forward to join the next SELF.

The Calendar

We opened up read access to our calendar via XML, ICAL and HTML. You can add these URL's to your favorite calendar application.